Walk Like an Egyptian

I have learnt a lot in the past few weeks about my own body, and that the notion of frustration in exercise is an actual, real occurrence. This might seem like stating the bleeding obvious for some people, but I should probably explain at this point that pushing myself physically is never something that I’d had to deal with before. In fact, exercise was, for a long time, something I was actually afraid of.

I was a pretty sickly kid, and was never encouraged to exercise with any effort, mostly because I excelled academically and it never came up in conversation. As I got older I’d simply just do enough and never worry about anything else, and this was all well and good until it became apparent after Child #2 that just doing enough wasn’t making any positive inroads into making my body return to the state I remember before pregnancy. Then I began the process of sustained effort and the changes became incredibly and immediately apparent.


It began with the simple act of carrying shopping, and how I’d notice less effort expended as I pushed the physical. Now I’m beginning to notice it takes less time to walk to and from places, and my World has begun to shrink. Exercises that were frightening before are now academic. I can do 500 meters on the rower in close to 2 minutes 10 seconds. No, I won’t break any records, but I can remember when that was a 3 minute exercise. I can now do 36 press-ups without breaking sweat when before I couldn’t even manage one. It is small, attainable goals that I aim for and then exceed. It is developing strength and stamina when before I would have given up and walked away.

It is knowing my age is just a number and becomes largely academic if I want something badly enough.


After that, it is knowing how much better I feel, and I do. Less tired, quicker recovery, more incentive to work, and concentration improving. I find myself going out of my way to keep the steps and exercise going. It’s actually fun to think about buying new clothes.Mostly today however it was being able to go out in a shirt and leggings and not feel either embarrassed or uncomfortable that sealed the deal.

Yes, exercise is absolutely worth the effort.