This day has been coming for a while. Combined sleep deprivation, plus frustration over progress in various places, has combined into the Perfect Storm where my brain and body finally begin to communicate. That means I’m here to tell you that the main thrust of today is simple: MOVE FORWARD. I have to end today in a better place than I started at, or I’ve just completely failed to grasp the point of all these months of effort and thought. It’s the wake up call many people get and simply ignore, but now I just can’t, because my soul is calling and it’s fairly insistent the next 24 hours happens a certain way.

That means I’m walking to the Gym now, and I won’t leave until I’ve not only met but exceeded my step goal for the day. It requires me to finally remove a pile of papers from the desk to my right, collect a parcel and send another, with added extras. It also pushes me to write a letter I’ve been dreading for weeks, and commit myself to something else once and for all. Some might argue that today’s just one with motivation, but that’s not true. This was the one where I drew the line in the sand and dared myself to cross it. This is where enough simply isn’t.

Today, is where things actually start to change.