The Day After

Yesterday was as important as I thought it was. Today, as a result, seems a little more shiny. It *could* be the good weather, of course, that’s probably helping, but in reality it is far more to do with the grasping of inescapable truth. Life is really yours to control if you choose to do so. No more, no less. So when you do that, stuff happens. Not all of it is good, I’ll grant you, but the truth is that you hold your own future in your hands, albeit briefly. However, at least from where I am standing, this is almost akin to Christmas and Holiday Time happening simultaneously.

I just love the idea of not being swayed by the stuff that really doesn’t matter.


The Internet, on most days, is a ridiculously cess-filled pit of perpetual slapfests. The fact I can happily identify most people slinging mud at me by now makes this now very easy to rationalise, because the truly random’s never been an issue to begin with. Once that’s removed from the equation it becomes remarkably easy to filter out all the other sources of extraneous noise. Applying logic to situations becomes not only fun but actually entertaining. It’s almost as if I graduated to adult classes overnight, whilst not losing the right to wear the uniform. I’m a big fan of uniform, but as others aren’t, there has to be a halfway house. Accommodation is the key. Except for many, it’s far more fun to start the fights and run away. I know this because I can often be that person too.

So, what do you do when your mentality perennially falls between two stools?


That’s when you pick your friends and stand by them. It’s when you decide to just let the issues go. The day comes around and you then become confident to start the fire and guard it until it finally goes out, as a beacon to those who feel the same way but can’t abide the means by which some people make that point. I’m watching that play out now with, of all things, costumes for the Power Rangers movie. This is because unless you give the pink and yellow outfits breasts, no one will remember they’re women. As it transpires they’re really lovely, well proportioned breasts, but that will be lost in a sea of righteous indignation. As it happens? I really like the costumes, and when you don’t have the desire to jump on the Feminism Bandwagon for every perceived injustice? Nobody likes you.

Well, that’s just tough jubblies, isn’t it?


Pick your battles, people. Even women can be dicks. Don’t be that, ever. In the end, it’s a short life, you’re only human and eventually, everyone finds out the truth.

When they do, you’d better be damn well prepared to defend yourself if required.