First time I’ve missed a day posting for about five months. I didn’t have a particularly valid reason either, I just exercised, played games and have a throat infection. It is interesting how things run because yesterday I acknowledged, at least in my own head, that I’m not being strict enough on a lot of things I really should be more concerned about. This in turn led to a period of introspection, which would normally be the start of a a time where I don’t want to talk or be productive because I punish myself for what I see are failures that actually only need a rethink and a change in attitude.

That means that this morning when husband got up to do a bike race? I didn’t go back to bed, and have been active since he left. It means I’m thinking about how life works today and trying to make some quite drastic (for me) changes to outlook. It also means realising that, like it or not, people will attempt to derail me at every step of the way and sometimes I’ll get lucky and thwart it. Other times, I won’t. In most cases, it won’t matter anyway. I’m already prioritising the things that matter to me, and they are working out really rather well anyway.

Today therefore will be a lot of work, not much angst, and a real effort to steer the ship in the right direction.