Wake Me Up

This week is SERIOUS BUSINESS. It is organising and shedding skin. Warmth becomes clouded calm. Feet ache, mind expands and accommodates change of pressure, weather fronts. Clouds dissipate, brightness breaks. A new five days of possibility.


I am never enough, always wanting and never satisfied. Money restricts and desire pushes, the things needed and not yet available. Ambient noise is the soundtrack, moments from others minds. Points of sonic connection pull places together. Their ideas, my interpretation, our conclusions. 140 characters in the World’s Game play ball with meaning and understanding. Today I use work as thread, stitch together an outfit, survive for the week.

Exercises in comfort zoning. Build your towers, destroy the Empires. Sun, moon and Universe in a heartbeat, the breath of unexpected pleasure. His voice, my feelings join together, expanding consciousness. Better horizons, larger ambition. Make everything stronger. Reinforce the understanding. Words are not just bricks, but mortar and foundation. Everything can be built, just hand me the plans. Show me the design.

Give me the truth.


My hands can shape and change the world I know. My mind will grow and foster life and beauty. Belief is mine to grasp and hold. Anything is possible. Just use the words.

One thought on “Wake Me Up

  1. This post felt like poetry to me (and I love poetry). I’m especially relating to the “Feet ache, mind expands and accommodates change of pressure, weather fronts.” part at the moment, as it mirrors what I’m physically going through in the past week or so. This was a joy to read.


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