Today will soon be tomorrow. When that happens, have you done enough? Did you justify your existence with merit? What do you have to show for 24 hours spent? Are you angry? Is this fatigue that drags you down? Do you wish and regret the moments passed?

Too many questions, not enough answers and the problem becomes remarkably clear.

You make each day what you wish, away from circumstance and obligation. A car trip can be mundane if allowed, but inject some new music or even speech into the moment and it is transformed. A Universe awaits those without fear, just add imagination to continue. Make the moment expand and blossom in your hand. Release your heart and feel the instant embrace you, seduce with endless possibility. Let head run the show, not just prompts from a tired and sullen body.

Find your whole, and release the soul.

The Internet is full of such instruction, and nobody’s listening. Advice is glossed, smoothed over for ease of living. Too hard every day to keep fighting, just give in, except the days when defeat is your constant are the darkest and most painful. When you can stand in the light, drag yourself there. Force and push yourself to victory. Find a way, every day, to return to the happiest place you can. Let go of the baggage, carry only what matters. Declutter your brain, accept you cannot do everything.

Find the means to liberate your existence.

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