Aside: A New Day has Come

Yesterday was the Underwear and Botticelli exhibits at the V&A plus Japanese food and beer. There was also much talk of games and words and as a result I suspect the next few weeks you’ll see some changes on all three websites. Its mostly about keeping my brain looking at a bigger picture: that’s why this place became stream of consciousness this week and is likely to continue so for a while whilst I get my head around the changes the physical stuff in my life is making to the mental things. Undoubtedly one is having an effect on the other, and I’m only beginning to realise the significance of making sure both are married successfully together as further change is wrought.

That means that you can expect the unexpected and shouldn’t be too surprised if I turn up with a rant on modern life instead. I will also be making a concerted effort on the exercise front all the way up to the short break I’m having at the end of May, and with one eye on holidays booked in August. Between then and now I’ll be at the Eroica in Bakewell in mid June, at Ride London in early August, and various other points in between. Also as it happens to be my 50th in October? There might just be some gubbins around that too.

Normal service, such as it is, will continue therefore tomorrow. I’m considering this a well-deserved weekend off.