Return to Sender

As promised, writing bits are getting shuffled to the other site for a bit now, so that everywhere’s getting used. That means if you’re here, there is likely to be more personally-focussed rambling, and today? That means ART.


Doodle To Greatness

I’ve never felt the need to draw ‘properly’ at any point in my life, but I do love doodling. This means that, over time, there’s been things like this notebook produced quietly, for my own benefit, and never shared with anybody else. Mostly I tend to restrict myself to smaller canvases. That means, in the main as I’m sitting at a desk, Post It notes.



I don’t think about anything at all when I draw, it is mostly a release of tension and a means to relax. last week a Twitter friend encouraged people to draw for a week, and I took up the challenge, and by five days in I’d shifted from the abstract to including letters in the mix.


My daughter saw these on Friday and asked if I’d do her name in a form she could put on her wall: initially I assumed she was just being kind to me and offering a suggestion, but as of right now my Saturday effort has taken a prominent place at the bottom of her bed. I actually asked her why she’d done this and the response effectively floored me: ‘Why wouldn’t I put these on my wall, Mum, they’re *really* good!’ I’m still not sure how I respond to that, because a part of me knows that’s not true. Except, when your 11 year old complements you, the world view does a bit of a subtle shift.


It is an odd feeling, knowing you are capable of things you hadn’t previously considered as viable and possible. I’m not going to start drawing people or poses any time soon, I just don’t have the time on top of everything else I want to do, and so priorities very much come into play. But what this last week has taught me is that I do have the ability to be creative with things other than words, and that is something I think I might like to try and explore for relaxation purposes especially. It has given me an interesting window on a part of my psyche I wasn’t previously aware of, and has opened my mind to a number of possibilities that didn’t realistically exist, but could now become reality, if I decide to pursue them.

Most of importantly of all this exercise has proven a salutatory reminder that unless you actually try something different, nothing will ever change. That’s probably the biggest take away from all of this, that ANYTHING is possible with enough thought and consideration. I’d like to thank Faebelina for providing the impetus to start me down this new route, and I’m already quite looking forward to seeing where this new path takes me.

This is a new world I’ve discovered inside myself and I rather like it.