Aside: The Story of the Blues

There are days when I question the path I’ve chosen to walk. Yesterday was one of them, and was so full of stress and trauma that it made me genuinely grateful for the relative calm in my life. What happened was the perfect storm of internet stupid plus unavoidable real life drama, coming together to make the day pretty much explode with crap. All I planned was to write and soothe, yet at the same time ended up online with rage and inflammatory confrontation . It’s odd to watch the same actions have completely differing effects in disparate places. In the end, all I ever do is what I think is right, and what yesterday has proved is that, like it or not, some people will just do anything for the merest scintilla of attention. I’m just here to point out issues as I see them and address problems, to try and help others and not hinder. Depending on where you stand? Yeah, I can see why you might consider me a drama whoring bitch.

You have lots of fun wanking to that :P



Prioritising is hard work, and can often hurt those who feel they deserve more attention than they’re given. When you’re used to dealing with kids, and more than an expert at being one yourself? It becomes a lot simpler to grasp the motivations involved. You learn when to shut up and speak out. Picking your moments becomes an art form you’re constantly improving. Mostly, a lot of the fear in people throwing shit at you effectively vanishes when you grasp the whole point of the exercise is the desperate need to attract attention to themselves and their issues. As I said to my son yesterday: if you want help, you need to ask. That’s probably the hardest lesson you will ever learn in life, after understanding that filling really is hot and that Santa Claus in red was the invention of a soft drinks company. After that? Everything else is pretty much downhill free-wheeling.

Knowledge is power, people. Why you choose personally to do *anything* is none of my damn business, but remember that the truth always has a way of surfacing eventually, however hard you might try to bury it. When you know that utterly intractable constant, it’s quite easy to work out how to play the game. Do it well, with integrity and honesty. Making a sock puppet twitter account to wank at people who you’d be scared of in real life is not the way to save your mortal soul. Give it up and try something a bit more constructive with the days you have. Maybe, just maybe, you can mark your all too brief existence on this planet with something more than a crunchy stain and a record number of restraining orders.

It’s your life after all. Why not actually go and live it?