New Life

It would be fair to say that this week’s been tough on the soul, but arriving at Friday as I have with a curious sense of optimism, there’s light at the end of the tunnel. To facilitate the continual progress of this however I need to be in the Gym and not behind a screen.

Before I go, however, I should let you in on a secret.

I am changing. It is small and subtle: fat on the belly diminishes, strength to slimmer legs, quicker calm in an expanding mind. I still go up and down with an Irish temper, that’s unavoidable and actually, would be mourned if it were lost. However, I know now with a certainty that has become reassurance, that this path is righteous and true. The friends I have made and the thought to the process are the motivation needed on the harder days. Being truthful that I need help does indeed bring rewards that before were never considered. When a stranger asks if I am an asset, the answer is ‘yes’ without hesitation. It is no longer about being suppressed or held back. The arrogance of those who seek to control is weak and easily ignored.


Evolution is possible at this late stage in life.

There will be moments when I falter, undoubtedly, because to err is human, and to imm is a pathetic attempt at a gag. It doesn’t matter so much if I don’t get there instantly either. There’s a care not to commit to too much any more. Understanding what is possible and when, how to do something, where life can be improved. Once upon a time only one task got worked and and now, several are possible. The only issue now arises when the unexpected is placed on the page, but that’s also not nearly as terrible a disaster as it ever was. I just cope, better.

Frankly, this is the best my life has ever been.