Every Day is like Sunday

Yesterday’s revelation was a biggie: when I actually relax, I sleep better. The problem has been, at least since about October last year, that I’ve forgotten to factor in this part of the equation into the grand plan of exercise. I’ve just gone full out doing one thing and completely overlooked the other. That, of course, now has to change, and yesterday’s plan to consciously do no exercise at all isn’t the real solution, but it is a start. Ideally one should factor in a measure of activity on top of other stuff (like museums or gaming or music or films) and the two find a level. Or in my case, they most obviously don’t. I could really do with a break too, and fortunately for me that’s coming up in a week. However, to facilitate this I will need to write two work articles this week, and give some thought to what happens while I am away. Mostly I can see myself writing articles in the Coffee Shop of the place we’ll be staying at as part of my ‘relaxation’ which worked really very well the last time I was there.

In fact I’m already looking forward to that when it happens.


Mostly, the biggest loss when I’m away will be the lack of access to my GIF files, and that alone is making me consider the possibility of saving pennies for a ‘proper’ laptop at some point in the future, so I can stick everything on a drive and just make it portable. It’s been a long time since I owned a lappy and I know a lot has changed: I’m a bit nervous about going there as well, just because of the speed at which tech now changes, and the distinct possibility that whatever I go for will be out of date about ten minutes after I purchase it. Ironically I can do all my writing with just a tablet and an accompanying keyboard, which in my case doubles as a screen protector. That’s really all I do ever need when travelling because most of my gaming is either so dependant on PC’s for graphics it is just hugely impractical to own anything else.

I think more consideration needs to be done here.


Today, I feel very relaxed, more so than I have for several weeks, and it isn’t just the realisation I’m about to have  break that’s done it. I’m in a really good place for organisation, and understanding what’s going on in my own head. That’s all that really matters, after all. I’m going to faff for an hour now and then go out and buy lunch and be organised on my terms and nobody else’s and that’s as good as it gets, all told.

Today I just get to be myself and it’s brilliant.