New Rose

Today, I am late, mostly because I’ve tried really hard to re-organise myself. Actually, as it transpires, it’s not gone nearly as badly as I thought. I should get everything done I planned, which is a considerable step forward from the last three weeks. I may even get extra stuff shoved in on top, WE WILL SEE. Most importantly, I felt really out of sorts when I went to train at the Gym but I put it aside, doing far better than I reasonably expected. Today would have been one of those days when I just gave up and hit the comfort food but instead I’ve cut out the sugar, not let it back in, and intend to do my utmost to not eat the bad stuff for as long as I can manage Mostly, you draw lines in the sand for yourself. This one I don’t cross, for all sorts of reasons.

Today, there really is forward motion.


As a result, I’m going to back-to-back posts for the morning, because then I feel like there really is genuine progress and I’m using the extra impetus to move forward.

Let’s see if I can get three posts done for the morrow \o/