Hard Times

Part of my planning for this week is knowing I want a lot more organisation generally in what I do. That means thinking about headers and artwork, and providing myself with a long-term supply of images that can do this but not fall foul of copyright. Mostly, I want to take more pictures, and with a five day break coming up next week this is the ideal time to do just that. I have a camera and my phone, and hopefully this is enough to make what I want to do more of a reality. That then gives me a lovely pile of stuff to faff with on my return.

But there are other practical considerations to be grasped. Today, I’m going to intentionally not push myself and actually take a Rest Day from exercise, because my legs have been screaming at me since I woke up. I achieved a 40kg Deadlift, actually three sets of 12 with no breaks, and my body’s having a bit of trouble coping. However, I DID IT. I’m 49 years old and now wondering why this never happened sooner, but already know the answer to that question before it forms in my mind, so the best idea is just to move on. Mostly, I have other things to consider.


That means that this week there will be more writing stuff on that website, a nice bunch of content for the gaming blog, and as little introspection as I can manage. The problem ultimately with thinking too much about stuff is that it never gets done, I have far too much on my plate right now. Most of importantly of all, when I get back from my break next week I’m going to pull out some savings and actually book myself a private healthcheck. I’ve not had an MOT for a while and that should include getting my peak flow measured by my GP, which I’ll book when I go and pick up the youngest from school. Mostly, health is the thing I don’t really take that much care of and I really need to.

If I write it down, now it has to happen.

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