Aside: Blackout

Last night, I plucked up the courage to share something with friends, and was quietly stunned at their positive reactions. I’ve stated on many occasions I enjoy the business of writing, but actually telling stories can be quite fraught. However, this one’s been around in my brain for a while and so I feel confident enough with the narrative to commit. What happens next, of course, is that I have to complete what I have begun. However, that’s nowhere near as frightening as it once was.

I’ve decided to ask for help in what might seem like an unexpected place.


My daughter’s taken her first steps into digital art thanks to a bunch of people I follow on Twitter, who inspired her to branch out from just pencil and paper. She has produced some amazing works in the last year, and it has made me realise just how influential other people’s interpretation of your world can be. So, I’ve approached a good friend (who’s currently doing the cover art for the upcoming Bond fanfic) and asked her if she’d be willing to draw my characters for me, based on my own words and suggestions. This means I have to actually create plausible and believable biographies for all of these individuals, and come up with physical attributes for them all. It’s all a part of learning process for my writing, that I’m finding more than a little enjoyable.


As a rule, I’m not that great at patience and organising myself, despite presentations to the contrary. This is something that makes me think and directs attention to characterisation, and can only be a good thing in the long term. Also, as I don’t intend to serialise this novel and would like to try and get the thing published ‘properly’ so I make real actual money from it? Having advertising material to draw people in without giving away plot would actually be rather useful. So this stuff will serve several purposes.

Mostly, its the steps into a larger Universe that are the most fun of all.


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  1. That sounds absolutely AMAZING! Not just for the reasons you’ve stated here, but also for yourself. Sometimes writers block can knee you in the gut, but I think having an actual physical representation of your characters there in front of you could be a huge motivator. Maybe that’s just me, but I think it could be great for that :) Will you be sharing the results on your blog? I’d love to see your description and the end result.


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