Two Days in the Valley

Day One proper of the Trip to the Forest has involved an inordinate amount of rain. I’m reliably informed that the same amount has fallen today that normally would in a month, and I can well believe the claim. I’ve not been on a road bike since San Franciso and so this morning a wet arse and horizontal water was quite educational. I am more confident that I remember being in such situations too, which makes me think all the effort with exercise is having a genuine improvement on other things. That was definitely borne out with playing badminton, where hitting stuff is showing a marked improvement.

I’m also beginning to realize just how tired I am after the last few weeks: returning from a morning of swimming and sport, I had a ‘I’ll just sit here for a second’ moment morph into a full on 45 minute kip. This evening I’ve also indulged in 3 drinks and the fatigue’s actually a struggle to flight against and as a result I’m getting to the end of this paragraph and giving up, mostly because relaxation’s something I’m really no good at and needs work, and I’d like to make the most of the moment while I have it. It takes coming away to make you grasp what’s wrong at home, and I’m beginning to understand what I’ll need to change when I get back to push forward in the long term.


I’m a really cheap date.