Come Outside

This header’s the first of my new ‘Nature’ set that I’ll be completing today. I’ve realised I need to put aside probably a whole day in order to sort out the chaos that are my image folders and to ensure that WordPress has all the stuff I want uploaded and none of the duplicate crap I don’t need any more. There’s also a pile of admin stuff still waiting to be completed that I’d like to find some time for, but this week’s already utterly packed. No matter. If I can organise myself, it can be done.


No, don’t look at me like that.

I’m back to PT today, but before I leave the house I should state that Bastard Hard Diet Mode has begun in the serious attempt to get myself to under 160 pounds and staying there before the big vacation in August. That means that there’s no honey in anything, tea consumption is WAY DOWN and I will not be buying anything that constitutes empty calories/sugar (plus pastry) until I see the scales be better than they currently are. It’s come down to kill or cure time, more or less, and I know I can do this if I apply serious willpower. The problem has undoubtedly come when asked to do this for long periods of time, but with just over two months before we go to New York? GOTTA BE DONE.

I got this. After all, I’ve walked 5000 miles.


The latest Fitbit badge was something of a surprise, I must say, but an entirely pleasant one. It also galvanised me to make a new exercise chart for the month, and to go buy decent food to keep me going. That means lots of veggies and water amongst other things.

Yeah, I totally got this. Let’s just hope my Trainer’s nice to me when I do my session today. I think I get to hit things today.

That’s going to be immensely enjoyable.