Aside: It’s Probably Me

No, I really don’t see the problem.

I’ve watched people *all day* try to explain to me why something is bad and wrong, and I can’t see it. I’ve listened to angry ranting, and indignant argument, and yet I am unable to grasp the issue. No, I’m not being narrow minded or stupid. I’m intelligent and articulate, I get why you’re upset, but honestly? Not this. I’ve wanted this for *over a decade* and as soon as it becomes obvious someone objects? Hating is the default. It’s like getting the present you always wanted and watching people tear it up and stomp on it in front of your eyes. Yes, I could very easily lose the plot, but no. Just NO. I’m better than that.

Sometimes, you have to do stuff that’s difficult. Often, choices aren’t a simple yes or no, there is grey to consider and different variables. Then, there’s the moment when you sit back, look at something and say ‘this is brilliant.’ That was me, right up to the point where people completely and utterly overreacted. I could piss on your fireworks but honestly, there’s no need or point. We just disagree. I love it, you don’t, but I’m not going to put you out to dry. However, please don’t think this means I don’t get to have an opinion or a point of view, because I am allowed both, and will present my side with a dispassionate air just because I see no problem with what’s being asked.

If I don’t see an issue with your point of view, it doesn’t make me bad or wrong. It just makes me different.

That’s all.