Let’s Get Physical

Number of Pull Ups I can do (with resistance band) = Three
Have you ever dead lifted in a Gym? YES
Have you ever bench pressed in a Gym? YES
Do you know how to run properly? NO

That was my PT day, in a nutshell. It transpires that my gait is all wrong, I’m completely inefficient when running, and the treadmill actually scares me when I let rip. So, it doesn’t matter how good I am at lifting shit, I can’t run. My trainer was very nice about it, but I think its funny. What kind of fucking mess are you woman that you can’t put one foot in front of the other and escape from predators?

What, you going to briskly stroll away from your assailant?

I know, I’m sorry. For every moment you think you’re doing it right? There’s always room for improvement. I’ll be over here, walking around the house bouncing on alternate legs like an idiot. You know, LEARNING HOW TO RUN ^^

*shakes head*

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