Eat to the Beat

Tomorrow’s the start of the Big Push to 160 Pounds. There will be no hashtags or any of that gubbins, just the understanding that if I want it, there’s not stopping me. In fact, at this point in proceedings, I am just so ready to get this done.


My weight’s been everywhere in the last month: I had a four pound gain overnight one particularly memorable day (when I’d eaten hardly anything) and I’ve now started losing weight if I eat badly. Mostly I know that by the amount of time I spend sweating, the moments when my whole face and chest go bright pink, and the fact that the Red Terror’s not happened for coming up for two months that Menopause and I are fighting this out to the death. I’m sure as fuck not going down any time soon. Knowing all this I am working on only fuelling myself when there’s exercise in the equation, being careful when I don’t, and ensuring my very best that what does get ingested involves absolutely no empty calories at all. That’s been quite hard the last week or so, but I’m getting close to cracking this, I KNOW I am.


I’ve started getting very angry at the Gym, too, and it is having some positive effects. Although this pains me temporarily, a lot more red meat’s being eaten, and I may have to look at finding alternatives as time goes on. Having also signed up for a 30 mile bike ride this time next year, it might be an idea to try and start looking at both at improving my ability to cycle and do it up hills. What I need, in the end, is new things to aim for, and as I can now perform pulls up (albeit aided) and am dead lifting quite regularly?

I’m already looking forward to PT in the morning :D