Can I Kick It?

Yesterday’s PT Session was, it must be said, a bit of a revelation. I was taught the concept of Active Recovery by my trainer: you don’t just burst through an exercise, wear yourself out and then struggle to get your breath back. Instead, you can train at a lower intensity with bursts of high intensity exercise in-between, and get better results. She demonstrated this to me on the Rowing machine, and for someone who with asthma who can normally not manage 1000 meters in a session? I did. I completed the entire distance, and it was glorious. Yesterday I also did Squats and Clean and Jerks with the grown up weightlifting bar (plus weights) and this morning? I really don’t care how much I ache. In fact, I suspect I will make time to do some walking later because suddenly, exercise became something more than what I do to lose weight and keep healthy.

I have become something new and different with exercise as a backdrop.


Exercise has given me back a sense of self that had previously vanished. I now can’t imagine a life where I don’t do it, or it doesn’t form a significant part of my existence. My eating habits have also fundamentally altered: yes, I’ll still entertain poor choices, but never to the extent that happened previous to me understanding how what I shovel into my face affects my body. I’m about to purchase my first pair of Boxing Gloves, and I have no doubt they will get considerable use. This isn’t about buying exercise equipment and allowing it to gather dust either. In fact, the Gym membership gets used more now than at any other point in the past. However, I felt guilty yesterday when it was raining so hard I took the car to the PT Session, and ended up doing the steps I would have completed in the journey to and from before my session started.

Yes, I have absolutely changed as a result of exercise.


There are still some issues to address: self image, how I dress, how I stop myself eating everything on certain days, but right now the willpower’s pretty solid. Once I’ve done all the chores today there’s a better than average chance I’ll go for a evening walk, because having 12k on the watch every day is becoming a requirements rather than an option, even on what should count as a rest day. It is less about what gets eaten for convenience and more about healthy. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still scoff a Nandos if I get the chance, but I’m becoming less tied to the bread/stodge/sugar route with every passing day. I won’t ever be totally separated from chocolate however, I’m not a fool. There has to be cake somewhere in the equation, just not nearly as much as there was.

However, the alteration in my physical and mental outlook is now unavoidable.