I get to make a quite important decision. Of course, what I say and do may not count for much in the general scheme of things, but as I won’t be doing this for myself, it is largely academic. You see, I’m thinking about my kids, and their life after me, and how actually they deserve to live in a World where you don’t exclude people for being different from you. Everyone lives together and tries to get on and if that means taking in thousands of people because you were responsible for the sequence of events that resulted in their country being trashed? That’s what happens, because every action has a consequence. Maybe in future some people will consider what they do to gain votes not as a means to an end, but as the start of real and significant change. There’s a bunch of people in the US camped out on the floor of a Government building trying to do that right now. They might succeed, they might not, but at least they tried.

That’s what I’ll do tomorrow. I’ll try to give my kids the future I think they deserve, and not the closeted, blinkered version a bunch of old people appear to believe is a better option. I may not succeed, but I won’t let my vote go to waste.

I vote Remain. I won’t look as good as Daniel Craig does when doing so, but you can’t have everything.

Just make sure you use your voice tomorrow, whichever side you choose to take.