New Europeans

I’m still very, VERY angry. It will take quite some time for this to diminish, I know, and as it does an awful lot of other stuff is likely to change forever. That’s what an apocalypse does to people. You don’t need an invading alien force or a nuclear warhead. Something that shatters your entire world view will work just as well.

In the midst of it all, my husband stood up and put into words what I couldn’t, and I realise that I love him more now than at any point in the time we have been together. If anyone wants to try and derail me at this point, you’ll need more than a shoddy Twitter alias or some badly worded/spelt rhetoric. It ain’t happening. I am now fucking unsinkable.

What this county needed, in the months leading up to this utter disaster, was an actual Government, which we haven’t had since… well, quite some time. One can only hope that in future, if people can’t accurately compare the political market without the use of a website, they leave it to people who can. Of course, that’s not democracy, but right now this isn’t either, because the people I voted for aren’t in power and the people who are are effectively holding half the country to ransom. If I’d voted to Brexit I’d be feeling pretty fucking aggrieved right now. If that’s not properly dealt with, the consequences are far more insidious and terrible than any well placed warhead or unexpected arrival from the heavens.

I really hope people understand what they began when they decided to choose a side.

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  1. I don’t do Facebook, but a complete 100% ‘Like’ on Dave’s words there. Cannot disagree with a single word. And yes, this is a bit like watching your parents get divorced (albeit my experience of that was at age 9); unsettling, sad, worrying. I didn’t have the anger then that I do now, though.

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