Bang Bang

The straight jacket of true love’s fine
If you’re Houdini in your spare time…

Day Three of ‘Living with #Brexit’ and I’m still shouting at the radio. I threw a sock at George Osborne, because a flare up of IBS after three days of bad eating is more reassuring than he was this morning. There is now the understanding in my mind that nobody had a fucking clue what would happen if Leave won. In fact, you have to wonder why, at some point, someone in Government didn’t stand up and ask what the plan was. All those Civil Servants and planners and strategists and NOBODY thought to put up a hand and say ‘excuse me, so what is the procedure should the country vote to leave the EU?’ It’s no wonder it’s taken three days for the Chancellor to get here, he probably couldn’t actually find the way out of his own house because nobody told him where that was.

Great Britain my fucking arse.


@DavidAllenGreen is my voice of sanity in all this stupid, after I read an article of his at the weekend which states, without hysteria or anger, that #Brexit’s effectively a sham. Until we tell Europe we’re leaving by invoking Article 50? Nothing changes. The fact Cameron decided to resign and devolve responsibility away for himself one last time does not making him a fucking hero, people queuing up to tell me he is. This is the guy, remember, who fucked a pig’s head (allegedly) when he was a student and never ran our country effectively at any point. I’d love to point you at David Allen Green’s website for a much needed dose of sanity but as you can see it’s proven so popular that the bandwidth limit’s imploded. Typical.

Of course it would be fabulous at this point if we had any effective political opposition to stand up against the Conservative Party, but every time I refresh Twitter this morning someone else has left the Labour Party Shadow Cabinet or is calling for the most popular grassroots leader for like EVER to step down because clearly we don’t want an actual politician in charge, there needs to be somebody who would look good outside Number 10. I caught a snatch of audio on Radio 4 this morning, before I turned off in disgust, that suggested that Corbyn is not charismatic or indeed ‘safe’ enough to be in charge. It is a genuinely sad state of affairs when the only person talking sense isn’t even available in your Country:

I have always loved Scotland. I wonder if they’d love me without dinner and a movie first.

It isn’t as if we can fix this either. As old people start shouting at others to fuck off back to their own homes, when they were born here, and the Far Right can start attacking anyone without fear of reprisal, honestly there is nobody left. We need Robin Hood back, or maybe some kind of supreme being to step in and call order.

Our country’s become a fucking laughing stock, because 51% of the country voted for change.


What’s stupidest of all is that this happened last Thursday. I’d always expected the fall of civilisation to take a lot longer that three days, if I’m honest, but if this is what a simple yes/no question is capable of producing in my country? I’d be VERY SCARED INDEED for anywhere else that’s not got its eye very much on the ball. Spain’s tried a couple of times now to get government working and appears to be failing, so I realise we’re not alone. Oh, and America? I don’t want to worry you too much but really? Get your heads out of your asses now, because November is only four months away, and I do NOT want to be standing here telling you ‘well, we warned you..’

If it wasn’t so sad right now, it would be funny. People who were friends last week on Facebook are now blocking each other in the mistaken belief that will make things better. The problem is, the moment you walk outside your front door? The horror remains. You can’t down-vote it or send a report to the Government in the hope you can get these people banned. They’re half the fucking country. You put up with it for decades and now, because they all decided to vote Leave? That’s what we have to deal with. EVERYBODY now has a responsibility to improve things, but without effective leadership? Fat fucking chance, and now I’m going to watch months of political machinations on both sides of the fence and NOTHING WILL CHANGE.

What a stupid shower of shit British Politics has now become.

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  1. While I agree wholeheartedly with this post and particularly the final sentence, civil servants can be left out of your line of fire. The civil service exists to enact Government policy, and in this particular instance Government policy was to not plan for a Leave vote:

    “After David Cameron had suggested a vote for Brexit could make war in Europe more likely, the prime minister’s spokesman denied that anyone in the government was looking at how the UK should prepare for the threat of a conflict.

    “The government has a position that we should vote to remain and we are not contingency planning for leaving,” the spokesman said.

    Speaking after Osborne had made his comments, the same spokesman said: “The Treasury is doing contingency planning for the financial market consequences and stability.”

    However, he insisted no contingency planning was taking place “for the policy decisions that would need to be required” after a Brexit vote.”



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