Summer and Lightning

I’m walking to the Gym as you read this, crossing everything the heavens don’t open and deposit a ton of what I suspect could be torrential rain on me. Weather confuses me right now, that I have an undoubted suntan yet its as miserable as shit outside. The BBC Weather website doesn’t seem to know what to suggest of late, and last night told me that today, effectively, would have everything except snow. This is, of course, the legacy of fucking up the Planet’s ecosystem to a point where nobody has a real clue what’s going on. Of course it used to rain a lot in the summer when I was a kid, but I don’t remember days this unpredictable, and I certainly don’t recall the speed at which weather changes now.

I am adding an extra mile and a bit to my walk this morning to the Gym, for no other reason than I can. I’ve put on four pounds in three weeks and I know for a cast iron fact its not fat related. My body appears to now be undergoing some of the most serious changes I’ve ever experienced, and the harder I push, the more noticeable it becomes. I did 90 minutes of just Elliptical and Treadmill yesterday, on gradients that would have killed me six months ago. Now, I am hardly breaking a sweat, and it has become a testament to how much work I have done. Yesterday’s post about what I’ve done with my body made me grasp that yes, there is a tangible and inescapable difference made here.

Every day is a small step forward, and I’m not stopping that. This is the best my body has ever been. I intend to keep it that way.