Secret Messages

I talk to a lot of people on any given day. I’m friends with only a handful, but people trust a surprising amount of personal information to pretty much total strangers. It amazes what others will grant access to, despite being uncomfortable with the freedoms or otherwise afforded via Social Media. As a writer this makes these platforms the most amazing potential writing tools, not simply in terms of source material. If you consider these places simply communication media? There’s no sense of the bigger picture. Once you realise that these are living, breathing worlds?

It makes those people attempting to exploit it all the more obvious.


I’ve been suffering from a Pornbot Infestation for the last few days: I’m up to thirty five accounts attempting to shove their norks in my face (often the same pair) since Monday (the last five having all liked old posts of mine since I started writing this blog post ^^) It’s an old trick: show an interest, attempt to garner a follow, and anyone using scripts/robots in order to build followers will latch onto these points and start multiplying. The trick, presumably, is to promote exponential growth, and people who don’t care who is using their account and for what and are simply out to ‘grow their numbers’ all join in. I noticed an account I’ve been keeping an eye on after an incident I may one day share with you has a number of these ladies actually followed, and I was sad. If you don’t look at who’s listening, it doesn’t matter if your account is locked or open. Security becomes irrelevant.

More people need to understand the consequences of their actions.


There’s a lot of stuff in my head about Pokemon Go right now, and I’m not sure this is the right moment to discuss how the game may be brilliant and inspiring at present, but there’s some quite genuinely concerning security and privacy issues being effectively ignored in many people’s state of childlike wonder. Yes, enjoying yourself matters, of course it does, but the consequences of these things end up being significant over time. That’s often not the worry though, and here’s the kicker for people like me. When you get to know enough people? Trying to keep stuff a secret becomes really hard. The stuff you think nobody knows about you? Be careful what you do and say, because eventually, like it or not, the truth always gets out.

The only way to never get into trouble is to never do anything bad.