I thought long and hard, and today I turned on Location Services on my iPhone for the first time since I’ve owned one. The reason?


There are those people who are already aware of the power of AR gaming: Ingress (data from which is duplicated for Pokemon Go) has been doing this for some time, the only difference here is that nostalgia + relatively simplistic game play = WIN. It also helps rather a lot that if you use your camera? Suddenly, the World is indeed absolutely chock full of Pokemon.

I’m a fucking cynic, I really am. I *hate* new stuff like this but I walked to get lunch today and the entire experience transformed into something magical and quite amazing. The place I bought my dinner is a Pokestop: place where you’ll have a chance of FREE SHIT. I live in a town where churches are everywhere, and they plus graveyards are also Pokestops. Effectively my normal boring twice daily traipse across town for a sandwich has become a completely different beast. There’s also two Gyms on the way, but I’ll need to be Level 5 to make the most of those. I will. OH YES.

I have caught things too, and that’s just stupidly funny. I can see myself looking back on this years from now and remembering how clunky the graphics were and how many times I had to restart the app for the GPS to sync… But now this is roughly akin to both Christmas and new year all rolling into one. There’s no way to make this about sexism or diversity either, it’s just catching cute animated animals. Really, this is amazing.

I’ll do a more serious post about this once I’ve played for more than a day but for now? Giggling like a pre-teenager now. ALL THE TIME.

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