Weight went up at the weekend, but not as much as previous weeks. The reckoning is coming, body, and I am ready for both it and you.

Right now, I’m pretty much flat out exercise wise. I hit my 12k target 6 days out of 7 last week and exceeded it by some considerable amount. I’ve not had anything bad or wrong in my body in terms of excess sugars for coming up for a fortnight. There as a brief moment of regret in the Gym that I ate all those Belgium Waffles back before my daughter was born, because they’re what I see every time I look down at my stomach. However, I either equalled or exceeded all my previous times/thresholds at the Gym this morning, and know for a cast iron fact I’m getting stronger. I can see it. I can feel it. My PT has suggested a blood test to ensure there’s no underlying health issue preventing weight loss.

I’ll be going to the Doctors after I pick up the youngest.


This is not going to beat me. I refuse to go backwards. There will not be depression or anger, simply a quiet determination to make things change, and they will. I’ll find a way to lose the weight, and keep it off, and there may yet be a waffle as reward when I get there.

For now, there’s gonna be a showdown. Hormones, you’d better be fucking ready.

2 thoughts on “Showdown

  1. Well. I can say the obvious. Muscle weighs considerably more than fat. So obviously as you have been improving your exercise with your PT you are most likely building up new muscles which develop initially fairly quickly. In any weight loss program you will reach plateaus were your body won’t budge on losing. When coupled with improved muscle mass you may see weight gains. Not even considering if the weather has gotten warmer and you have increased intake of fluids.

    Everyone is different. Some people have denser muscles. It’s why you can look at someone and can’t believe they are a certain weight, while others look slimmer but weigh more. Don’t focus on one number. Look at the fact you are walking a fair distance every day, you are working out becoming a fitter Alt. Can you see yourself doing what you can now, 6 months ago. And do clothes fit looser.

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