It’s Week One proper of the Summer break for my kids. Yesterday and today have been put aside for sorting out issues and problems, and it is only now that I’m able to sit down and look forward. The To Do list isn’t as long as it was either, and I had a killer PT session today to cap off a week where I know that progress really is happening. Now, however, I just gotta get the creative side of the brain working again. It’s there, just being unwilling to co-operate, but even that’s not a problem right now.

Also, two weeks tomorrow I’ll be on a plane to New York. To say I’m excited is the MOTHER of all understatements. I’ll be blogging it all this time, not the peace-meal effort I made with the West Coast run. This matters enormously to me, and as part of the birthday celebration for 50 years? GONNA MAKE IT COUNT.

I have a deadline piece to complete, then I’ll be back to regular posting again in the morning.