About 15 minutes ago, I deleted my personal Twitter account for good. It was, ultimately, a lie: I don’t need a second spot in which to post things that are effectively just a repetition of what happens elsewhere. Everyone who cares enough should by now know where I exist and will choose to follow me (or not) as time goes on, and this situation suits me just fine. The more observant amongst you will also notice a logo that matches with the square avatars I already possess. I hope to expand this Blog more as time goes on, and as will become apparent, there are New Things (TM) that will happen here.

Today’s been hugely satisfying on a great many fronts, most especially reflecting on my own fitness progression. It was the first day I’ve dead-lifted with more than 10k on the bar, that I was able to do 400m rowing and 200m runs without being reduced to a wreck, and even though my shoulders might be screaming at me now, the satisfaction of an hours really hard work was considerable. I walked out of the Gym feeling as if I had earned ever inch of progression, and going forward I am really very excited at what my body could be capable of doing.

August is already turning out to be awesome, and I’ve only had one day of it so far.