Occasionally, something happens out of the blue that changes your outlook.

I had to go to bed early last night because everything hurt. My PT session was fairly brutal (as mentioned in passing yesterday) but by late evening my shoulders were screaming. I used a lavender shoulder wrap to try and relax, and whilst in bed and on my tablet I got the following text from my Trainer:

Yesterday was my first deadlift with 10k weights. I did dips for the first time too, and my arms pretty much failed to operate for most of the rest of Monday, even down to me having trouble cutting up food at dinner time. This morning, however, on the back of that message? I really don’t care how much it hurts. My trainer’s part of a team of people who have inspired, that it doesn’t matter how old I might be, I can do this if it matters enough to me, and now it does. Back may be complaining, I might have some fairly unpleasant stress related skin issues on the back of weeks of being wound up over stupid shit, but I don’t care. 

So much do I not care that I’m sticking in an extra session on Thursday to make up for the fact my PT is off on a course next Monday, which is a day before I go away on holiday. I’ll have exercises and step goals for my time away too, because I’m so not the person who does nothing when I’m on holiday. Mostly, now I have this lifestyle in my grasp I’m not letting go. I enjoy this far too much and am having far too much fun to stop. Therefore, it becomes a part of what I am, not an extra, and with the scales finally moving down on a regular basis? I’ll take this, and I’ll keep doing, and it won’t matter that it hurts on the way.