A Life of Surprises

My hair, up until last night, hadn’t been touched by a professional for coming up for 18 months. It’s no longer white, either.

That wasn’t the planned blonde however, FAR from it. The colour mix I chose (three blonde shades mixed) was formulated on a lavender base. The hairdresser assured me that the colour would vanish once the product was washed out…but it didn’t. Listening to two men quietly panic behind me as I sat happily at the bowls was, I will admit, quite amusing. You see, I wasn’t really that fussed, when all was said and done. My main concern was having more and more chemical piled on my hair, and that’s why I stuck with the colour I now have. For the longest time I’d asked if I could have this on my hair and every time I’d be told how hard it was to achieve. Basically, it was unattainable.

Sometimes, the unexpected does have a benefit.

Ironically, as a Pokemon player, yesterday evening was HUGELY productive too. Lots of balls back, new additions to the Pokedex, plus walking home last night I was able to do some rather satisfying Gym battles. I’ve even managed an achievement :D


I will, at no point, change the World with my Pokeplaying. I’m not like the cars full of 20-summat kids roaming the town taking down Gyms. I’m just here to have fun, and I’m doing that with space to spare.

The hair colour, on reflection, is an unexpected bonus.