Broken Wings

Occasionally, admitting you need medical help is part of life. Yesterday, the itch from two mosquito bites became impossible to ignore, especially as my hand was finding typing difficult. So, off to the chemist I went. I have to thank the random old bloke who suggested using the back of a silver spoon on the bite itself (sliver = anti-inflammatory, heat = breaks down proteins the mozzie injects to de-coagulate your blood) which was great until I needed to go out to train. Then I used a thin layer of Hydrocortisone in an attempt to make life easier, and everything went Pete Tong, as demonstrated above.

The biggest casualty was my elbow, which I couldn’t move at all for large parts of last night. The joint pain has gone now, fortunately, but I’m still incredibly uncomfortable, itchy in my own skin. On the bright side I had the best night’s sleep for coming up for a month.

Everything has a silver lining, after all.

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