Hard Knock Life

Yesterday, we walked down Broadway from Harlem to Central Park.


One of the reasons I wanted to do this was to swing past Columbia University, which notably (in my head) features in the original version of Ghostbusters. I’ll make no bones about my love of scoping out places that have appeared in films, and that there’s a certain measure of satisfaction putting myself into places which have a cinematic resonance. It was a grey and oppressively humid morning, and the kids wanted to stop anyway, and the gravitas of the place inside the city made this somehow significant.


It rained a lot in New York yesterday: I know because we walked eight miles in it, though a Central Park that still remained oppressively warm. I realise the weather is against us here, and things are only going to get worse as the next few days wear on, but I still have an obligation to be fit. That means finding ways and means that won’t wear everyone out. Our reward for all the walking came in Greenwich Village, in a tiny place called Tea and Sympathy, which was next to a fish and chip shop. Yes, we dragged our kids thousands of miles to have the main meal of the day in an English restaurant. For the bacon sandwich alone it was UTTERLY worth the trip.


After that, the Subway got us back, even though I would happily have walked both ways. The evening saw me pick up a book for the first time in fuck knows when, and get so engrossed (and angry) that I was awake until the wee small hours. It’s also pretty hard to sleep in this heat, and I now understand just how much of a godsend air conditioning is in a town that retains heat like summat that’s extremely heat efficient.

Today, there will be MOMA, possibly some faffing around the Hudson, and the chance to meet a friend I’ve been looking forward to actually having contact with since the first time we spoke online. I love this town, that much is already obvious, but today, that’s going to just be the backdrop to just more extraordinary things.

Most importantly of all, however? Bought a decent mug.


One thought on “Hard Knock Life

  1. I do certainly hope you all have a chance to eat Cheesesteaks. I know they won’t be as good as our Philadelphia ones, but it is an experience.

    For ordering reference.
    Wiz = cheese wiz, don’t ask what’s it made of. No one knows.
    Wit = fried onions, usually a mahoosive pile in the flat top. If you like onions, worth getting.

    So ordering is Steak Wiz Wit, or Wit Out

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