The Way it Is

Okay, so I admit that I crashed out last night after two beers and a particularly humid day. I’m here now, in the glorious period before we head out of the apartment where I am neither a) sweaty or b) hot having showered. Last night, amazingly, the AC made things too cold. There were fevered dreams of me being covered in blisters on the lower half of my body, and having to fight my way into the library at Karazhan to discover a cure. Yes, Warcraft is still quite prominent in my dreams right now, but I digress. I have two days to cover. Let’s go back to Thursday, where modern art broke out all over the shop.


MOMA was on the must-do list, having never visited the place before. I’ll freely admit, a lot of what is exhibited as ‘art’ was, at least to my mind, utter bobbins. However, when we got to the top floors, everything changed. There were tears in this gallery, and not simply because of this picture, which sat with so little security around it I was genuinely surprised, especially considering how much surrounds the Mona Lisa in Paris. The whole experience was wonderful: I always find myself imagining the artists at work, what their environment would have been like, how the people around them would have reacted to what is, at least in my mind, genius. The kids got bored quite quickly but I could have stayed there all day. Except I had a lunch date, with someone extremely dear to my heart, and that’s all I’m going to say about that.


Yesterday was spent on the water, knowing how hot it would be, and we circled the Island of Manhattan. Our Tour Guide was magnificent, and the two and a bit hours literally flew by, with history being crammed into an extremely willing mind. I now understand a lot more about the topography of the Island itself, more about the north than I ever did before, and mostly just loved sitting in a boat sweating my arse off but learning stuff at the same time. There was also sufficient walking to offset the Peanut Butter Burger I had for dinner (husband lied, pulled pork was better) and the chocolate beer, which really did do very scary things to my subconscious.


As a running background to the last few days has been the Olympics, which meant my Husband following Bradley Wiggins’ gold medal via Twitter on the Express C back to Washington Heights. It’s been fabulous to be in the same time zone (more or less) than all of the action, and makes for genuine excitement each day, though it was slightly surreal to wake up this morning to find the first game of the Premiership already on (Hull 2 -Leicester 1 WHAT’S THAT ABOUT) However, what the Internet means is that we can still be away yet remain in touch with all the normal stuff that makes the family what it is. Normally I assume the technology’s more about being able to speak, but what this week has proven is how important it has become also to listen.


The time difference is still taking some getting used to, and as a result sleep’s summat that I suspect at some point in the next week I’ll end up taking in the daytime, but for now I am happy to survive feeling slightly ragged but permanently hyped. I have no idea of what we’re gonna do today, but whatever happens really doesn’t matter. This is the most relaxed I’ve felt about anything for a very, very long time.