Big Time

Today was always going to be when I tried to see how viable walking to and from my daughter’s school would be if I dropped her off there first, parked the car and then did the trip. As it transpires, the potential undoubtedly exists for me to not only get fitter, but enjoy myself in the process.


The Fitbit stats aren’t as helpful as Strava’s, which I use for my virtual cycling. Once I set my Surge to utilise GPS? A whole second world appears from the numbers.


Strava makes my afternoon ‘walk’ a minute slower than the morning, but as you can see I got faster. I know why this is: I could feel the process getting easier, as I recalled what my PT had told me about running. Once I pushed myself into the correct mindset? It wasn’t an effort at all, and the last mile was considerably easier than the first. The choice of musical accompaniment helped too, and I’ll need to sort out some high tempo playlists for Thursday to see if that can improve the times. I can tell you that an Indian Takeaway burnt down last night: the Fire engines were there in the morning, the Investigators in the afternoon. There was a lot of arguing on my way, and a lot of hugging on the return. I twisted my foot twice going, but was pain free coming back. However, being able to eat whatever I wanted was glorious, including a Stroopwaffle with my morning tea. That alone made all that worthwhile.

Oh, and as my husband pointed out, one trip is uphill and the other is down, though the distances are largely negligible. My feet do hurt, though, and I’m gonna sleep well tonight.


I will easily have exceeded 11 miles by day’s end. I’ll do it again on Thursday and add 22 miles a week to the exercise totals. I’m really looking forward to the second run as well, because now I know what I’m capable of, I can leave later. I’ll consider a longer retrospective once I’ve completed both, but to say I am happy would be a considerable understatement.

All in all, this is a fine idea going forward.