I keep expecting to feel shit after I’ve exercised but it isn’t happening. The endorphins are very much doing their job in that regard, plus the fact the last couple of days have been glorious. My daughter seems to be settling into School pretty well: of course there will be issues, that goes without saying, but I feel we can deal with whatever is thrown at us together. My son appears to be a lot more comfortable starting this year than I remember from previous Septembers and there’s a suspicion that maybe he realises the time is coming to decide what he’d like from his life. I won’t talk about them too much here because that’s not my job, it is theirs. I know there are parents who like to ‘use’ their kids as enablers for their own Internet aspirations, but I’m not one of them.

This morning’s walk was a revelation for a number of reasons.


Strava’s pretty much indispensable for providing clear and precise metrics on what I’ve done, but Fitbit provides the key data on when my heart rate is in the important fat burning zone which, for this walk, was a lot longer than Tuesday’s. Although the temptation is to run (as that’s what I’m ultimately aiming for) my ‘brisk walk’ pace is far more beneficial in the long term. Having a brief breather at 4 miles for paying in a cheque and a bit of shopping was also hugely beneficial and allowed the extra distance I shoved on the walk to do both those things to be completed. However, it was the cool down that has become the game changer. Five minutes of stretching might seem a bit pointless to some of you, but the difference it has made to not only how I feel but my productivity at this end is huge. My arse muscles really suffered after Tuesday, but spending the time making sure they got looked after has been a lesson I will not forget, especially as my lower back’s been complaining since I upped the tempo generally.

Look after yourselves, kids, it’s really worth the effort.


I’ve also saved a fiver on car parking by making sure I’m back to the motor by 3pm. If I make that the plan going forward, I’ll do my wind down in the car post afternoon walk. I can add this to the ‘cardio/fat burn’ part of my exercise routine and kill my 7 day step total by Day 4. However, the utter key to making this work is ensuring I eat well when this is happening. That means fruit and veg as well as the protein for repairs. The temptation has been, I will admit, to eat my sugary shit too and not worry too much and although this is fine now, it won’t work unless I maintain the momentum. However, if I know a Stroopwaffle is only 180 or so calories? You just get to eat one, so enjoy it.

If I can keep this up when the temperature dips below freezing and it rains? THEN WE’RE MAKING PROGRESS.