What Lies Beneath

I’ve made it to Saturday with the understanding that I’d managed to complete my weekly step goal by Thursday :D


I will freely admit that yesterday had been scheduled as Gym time but instead I slacked, quite a lot. I’ve slept better in the last few days than has probably been the case in the last three months. It is comprehensively proven that intense physical exercise wears me out, and in the best of ways. What needs to happen next week is to get to Friday without losing the plot, and hopefully the strength I’m building in legs will assist that. The other thing I need to work on is eating well, which has been a bit all over the place. However, the overall trend was less in and better and as a result, weight has dropped again. Not by much, mind, but it is a start.


The plan this month was to see what I’d be capable of, wrapped around the normal run of daily life. As it transpires, I’m not that far behind, stuff is getting done, and I’m confident I’m capable of stepping up the pace. This *hopefully* means I’ll be able to crack the 1k running barrier on Monday with my Trainer. I certainly feel more capable of pushing myself, that my posture and mental approach are on the money, but the only way I’ll know for sure is when I get to the morning’s session. However, mentally I am still tired, so much to that typing this is a struggle to concentrate. I can see an extended lie-in tomorrow in my future.

I tell you what though, I am REALLY looking forward to my Sports Massage on Thursday.