Silent Song

Yesterday, I took a day off.


I’m not sick, or struggling. This wasn’t a step backwards. I woke up yesterday to rain and made a choice: I wanted to walk, but the weather would have hampered me. I can still exercise in the wet, but instead it was the right thing to do just to eat incredibly well, take in a shed load of protein, and do a large session today. In fact, all my body asked for yesterday was protein. Sugar cravings are now largely a memory, I don’t recall the last time I found myself itching for a chocolate bar. I ate an entire portion of Chinese dry ribs last night with my normal rice choice. The need to fuel myself has changed considerably in the last few weeks, and I’m actually beginning to enjoy this lifestyle. All I gotta do now is get more vegetables into the mix and I’m golden.


I know there’s still some good weather coming but today is the blustery type of Autumnal day I absolutely adore, and I don’t want to be inside. I had a brilliant session of gaming last night to sate my desire to be stuck behind a PC, and as soon as I’m done here the trainers are going on and I’m out. It is an indicator of the benefit this is all having that I managed to sleep better this week than I have at any point across the Summer. It didn’t feel like an improvement initially, but this has a lot to do with my hormones having settled into far less of an issue. There are still hot flashes, but they’re far less significant in scope and duration than they were. Also, the benefit of a by-weekly sports massage is never going to be understated.


I shouldn’t be here. Time to go and add 20k steps to my total.