Occasionally when you write, the process of immersing yourself in a  Virtual World causes some issues with both continuity and believability. In this case, the latest part of my Bondfic made my husband do such a WTF on reading it that he left me an essay on the printed pages I provided. Normally, I’m ready with a suitable response or justification for his ‘objections’ to my direction but in this case? He’s spot on. This is such a leap considering the circumstances that I will need to go and add more to the narrative. Normally it’s about losing stuff, or making flabby dialogue less tortuous, but in this case I desperately require more background.


Therefore I now need to come up with probably 1000 more words, possibly more, and rather than completely re-writing the whole thing, try and knit two pieces of work together. I have an idea how to do this already, and am gonna sleep on it tonight before coming down tomorrow morning to write it. I could do it now but I’ve learnt the value of letting stuff percolate first, and what I’m trying to do now is locate a suitable piece of music to link my ideas to. Needless to say, I need spoons. That’s not a metaphor for anything, I totally need to write in spoons.


Oh yeah, and then there’s the small matter of a complete self-contained action sequence.

If I’m going to do this properly?


You FUCKING NAIL IT. Wearing a waistcoat. AND THEN SOME.