Moving On Up

My supervised eating is going very well. It has been three days since my last chocolate. I did indulge in meringue, fruit and cream last night but the bowl was small and my daughter made it so I felt obliged to consume at least some. However I did offset this with an 800 calorie walk in the day. This morning I was physically wiped after a Gym session, everything was hard work and I only managed six seconds of hanging before my arms gave out. I am a mess. But I am being really good at being a mess, so you know, that’s progress.

Now I need to do something about the disaster area that is diary and writing tasks.


This week’s not going to get to me. I said that yesterday, and I mean it. I will push through this and not let stupid drag me down and take last week’s To Do list and further sublimate the contents until I get to my aim. I have a week’s worth of healthy snacks on standby. I have three deadlines to hit by Wednesday. Really, what could possibly go wrong?



It will be okay.

It will be.