I caved, and weighed myself this morning. I’ve put on half a pound. I know all the speeches about weight in my sleep now, I’m just hoping that this will be the start of the great leap forwards. All I can do is sit tight and not waver. Having taken the honey out of my diet yesterday, there was an unexpected late day response with what I’m well aware was a low blood sugar migraine. Ironically I got all of the lights and none of the pain until much later, and even when the headache came, it was far less traumatic than expected. I’d not still be treading this route were it not for the fact that I woke this morning after a full and largely uninterrupted night’s sleep and felt absolutely fantastic.

Really, this is the best I have felt for quite some while.


I feel so good that I threw away the writing plan for the morning and have been re-branding websites. I’ll spend this afternoon getting back up to date with projects and the housework. Then tomorrow it will be early Gym and a real push to try and start working on my trunk, which is where all the fat is now residing. I’m actually looking forward to it too, none of the trepidation or concern I’ve had in previous weeks. I am having trouble with my grip, which a friend suggests could be over-training, but I want to check that poor circulation during cold weather isn’t a contributing factor. My arms are now pretty much fat free, legs rapidly getting that way and I can both see and feel the fat breaking down in the tops of my legs.

This was always going to be a long journey, and more than ever I am determined to complete it.


Thanks for sticking with me, guys. I appreciate the support and understanding more than you will ever know.

One thought on “Faith

  1. Having little 1/2 pound peaks and valleys in your pursuit of a goal is a good thing. Those that push for huge losses, get frustrated when there are huge back swings. It’s give and take. Give away fat, take more muscle, strength, stamina, health. The scale just reflects a number. It does not tell you that your body is 80% muscle now, or more. Perhaps asking your PT, based on your height and build, is there a way to determine what a fit weight is for you. We are all different. Some have a denser structure to their bodies. Ever noticed someone that seemed obese, yet tells you they weigh far less than you could imagine? Where some that seem it top shape weigh more?

    Anyway. Keep up the fight. It’s a long road, but the pay off is in 15-25 years from now when you are still able to keep up with your kids, and hopefully grand kids.

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