Things to Make and Do

(An Important List)


Stop worrying about who left, and concentrate on those who remain. Obsessing over followers is bad and wrong. Charlie Brooker is spot on. The future is Nosedive unless you take control of your own destiny. You can still be positive and focused without the need to pander to everyone. Negativity isn’t the answer either, but for many that solution allows them to feel alive, and here’s the bigger issue. If people can only feel human by destroying others or continually belittling what the rest of the world has but they don’t? They’re the problem. Everyone else is just getting on and living their life. That’s what you need to do. Don’t be the person obsessing over anything. Be better.


Eating better does not mean making yourself miserable. Honey in your tea will not set you back days, but six buckets of tea in a day will. Woman, you really have to learn moderation in all things, which is tough with your track record. The ‘no cake til Xmas’ thing is doable, but not at the expense of your immortal soul. Keep taking the daily vitamins, for goodness sake up the vegetable/roughage content and after that just remember that the number of calories in should not exceed the number expended to facilitate progress. That’s why you have those Internet apps. Use them more. Try and get excited about things that are not processed sugar and empty carbohydrates. It is possible, if you put your mind to it.


Stop being so fucking hard on yourself, ALL THE TIME. This is gonna be more difficult than the first two, but you can do it. Stop stressing over the shit you got wrong. There is nothing you can do now except apologise if it matters enough and move on. Don’t EVER hurt anybody else with your stupid, and just stop the problems from happening by thinking more and obsessing less. You can do it, without falling into the pit of despair and anxiety that normally accompanies these episodes. It’s okay to worry, just don’t let it consume everything else along the way. This one matters a LOT, and so I’m going to say it all in capitals. YOU ARE YOUR OWN WORST ENEMY. Just relax, okay?

Practice being a Better Person by just being better. If you can’t? Learn to accept the compliment as it is. Be grateful for the effort. Understand that it might not mean much to you but it is potentially the World to someone else. Mostly, stop being a miserable fucker. See above (RE: Own Worst Enemy)


People Love You for What YOU ARE. Yup, they know you have to be better too, and that’s okay, because you can do that now, but don’t get freaked out when people care. Just because you get your heart broken twice a day doesn’t mean you can learn to accept affection over time. It’s not difficult. You just gotta let it happen. Just remember that this is all part of the way life works and that if you give out love, it comes back. That’s cool too.

Really, everything is brilliant right now. Even if the World ends tomorrow, remember this is the best it has ever been. Hold onto that. Cherish the moments, every one of them.

Stop worrying and JUST BE.

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