Mexican Standoff


Today, has all been about a woman called Gina Miller. That’s her in the picture, and she and her challenge to the belief that the Prime Minister nobody voted for could just tell Europe we were buggering off in March has set the entire Brexit ‘situation’ on its arse. Now, we’ll need an Act of Parliament and at least a parliamentary vote to make the whole thing legally binding because GUESS WHAT? That vote in June wasn’t. Back then the smart pundits said it: the vote might indicate the country wanted to leave, but without the ratification of Parliament? It won’t happen. The High Court’s judgement is already being called one of the most significant in modern British legal history, and with good reason. It pretty much roasted the Brexit people before chucking them out of court on their ears.

That vote in which you lied and deceived people to get your way? You know the one that many people called a veiled Tory leadership challenge in disguise? Well now it doesn’t matter that much. In fact, the first thing that happened when I turned on the radio after the judgement was the BBC suggesting we could have a General Election next year in an attempt for the Tories to secure a fresh mandate. I’m looking forward to Mrs May and her cronies trying to convince the 48% who didn’t vote for this that the ‘will of the people’ is what matters in this situation because if that were the case, you wouldn’t have tried to bypass Parliament, which is our publicly elected body.

Shortly afterwards the Daily Mail imploded and frankly after that, everything was glorious.

Honestly, if I made up this shit, people would laugh at me. It’s like the party in power refuses to listen to the advice its been given and instead feels this mistaken sense of obligation to entirely trash the UK because they had a vote that told them to do just that. It doesn’t matter how much damage and ruin will be wrought for future generations, let’s just do this anyway because we have to say we were good on our promises. Sometimes, it’s okay to admit you were wrong, and now the law of the country tells you how frankly awful this idea of the vote was to begin with?


Frankly, it’s been fucking fantastic theatre. It’s also a reminder to my mates in the US. You can still stop the trainwreck. There is time.

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  1. Hope things go differently for you. If there is one thing I have learned in our states election public vote, it’s not what you are being asked to vote on. It’s what is hidden behind but not said.

    The raised our gasoline tax 23 cents. To a total of about 37 cents per gallon. The money is supposed to go into a transportation fund to fix roads, bridges, and mass transit. The ballot question asks, do you want all of the tax to go exclusively into the fund. Now our politicians have raided all sorts of programs over the years to pay for pet projects. So on the surface it seems like there is no question. Vote yes.


    There is legislation pending a vote on spending 12 billion dollars to extend a commuter rail line, they want to borrow the money, and need the tax money as a way to pay for it. Ah ha!!! Sneaky buggers. So I will vote no. Oh, dammit. If I vote no the taxes go into the general fund and they can use it to borrow 12 billion dollars. They are all a bunch of sneaky underhanded, not sure what a good British term would be. But they obviously have themselves covered. It’s all in how they word things to sway public opinion.

    I hope your vote puts things right. As for our vote on Tuesday? We are going to implode as a civilization.

    Alas poor America, I knew them Horatio.


    • @Marathal .. from what I’ve seen, the Americans have somehow voted themselves into the situation of “between a hard place and a completely mental place” … previously we’ve looked at the US elections somewhat removed from it all .. now we’re concerned about the start of the end of civilization, regardless of the choice made :p

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  2. I’m obviously a complete thicko. The majority of people in the UK voted to leave the EU. The government the majority of us elected said they would start the process at a set time. But now it’s all in doubt? What is the point of asking for a vote if we’re then going to ignore it? Or am I missing something? (quite likely!!)


    • The problem is that a vote isn’t going to work with the way our Government works. A vote won’t do it. We need Parliament to approve a Bill to start the process to leave. Article 50 (which is how we exit) cannot be triggered just by a majority of people saying they want it. Parliament has to approve this, because that’s how laws are made in this country.So, until there’s a vote in the Commons, and then the Lords?

      Nothing happens.


      • So they asked us our opinion, but then regardless of our opinion (the majority opinion) they still have to approve it? Twice? That’s like me asking the kids what they want for tea, telling them what they say goes, and then saying they can only have what they want if both myself and their dad approves it first. Better to say “you have a vote .. but it can only be between these options .. ” .. and this is the only option you have.

        Meh. Politicians.

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  3. I think you all have a phrase, an old Chinese curse. May you live in interesting times.

    I call bull shite. I want to live in boring mundane times where I just have to worry about paying my bills, helping my family, and just living.

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