Hard Rain

This is the closest I’ve come to quitting exercising for quite some time.

Yup, four days, and I still couldn’t bend down correctly this morning. I knew I had to at least try and repeat the Challenge, and so went in and did 20 minutes Cardio before I began. My time to beat was 24 minutes, and I’d been at it for 30 when I realised I was 50 reps behind and in enough pain that I cried. Yeah, in the middle of the Gym I just sat down and hid under a towel for five minutes while I bawled my eyes out. Suddenly this wasn’t any fun any more. When I got up my left leg gave and I almost fell over. I hobbled out to the Changing Rooms and sat for ten minutes, with the realisation that suddenly this all got very hard and far more real than it had ever been.

This would have been the moment that Old Me would have given up, but I don’t do failure any more. I accept the issues and work to make them better and today that meant hobbling out of the Gym, understanding that I’m a long way from the person I want to be, but have come too far to stop now. It means icing my right shoulder and going to get Sushi as dinner and not caving to takeout. It also means a 30 second plank before bedtime and 30 second plank in the morning, however uncomfortable my legs feel. Mostly, it is kicking the crap out of my self doubt and making sure I stay on the wagon.


Nobody said this would be easy or fun. Change is hard and painful, and today just proves that if you don’t hurt, it won’t work. I’m not going to let this beat me. I am going to get the weight loss happening again and myself healthier every day. I already know this is a big step forward, and even if I’m in pain tomorrow, we’re gonna make it.

I’m going to get there.

One thought on “Hard Rain

  1. Good for you. We are, our own worst enemies. Getting into shape when we were much younger was easy compared to now. I try to keep as active as I can but I am no where near the condition I was at 20. Takes a lot of hard work to just maintain. You’ve got this. You have the will to do it. Just have to make the body comply. Keep your PT informed to serious stuff. Like Arnold Schwarzenegger said years ago. 100 reps with 5 pounds does more to build muscle and strength, than 5 reps of 100.


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