Beautiful Noise

When I started my PT journey back in May of this year, I couldn’t do a single push up. I wasn’t capable of a pull up. This morning, I proved to myself that both of those things aren’t simply possible now but academic. Even if my own mental self image doesn’t really detect the notion of change, the proof is now inescapable. I’m still struggling with breathing, and that might take longer to deal with. However, this morning’s one hour session was a triumph. However, I’ve tweaked a glute (right arse cheek) and tomorrow is already going to be painful. NO MATTER HOWEVER. We will get through it, and there will be more work to improve. This is the first time in a  while I’ve felt the notion of progress and consistency, and even though I may be knackered later, it is so worth it.


For the record:

Number of push ups now possible without getting exhausted = 36. Technique = GREAT
Number of ‘assisted’ pull ups = 18. Technique = ALSO GREAT

I also beat my PB for 250 metres on the Rowing machine, kept going on the stepper whilst my lungs effectively burst and was able to not embarrass myself in front of the rest of the PT staff.

There will now be a celebratory extra protein bar whilst I make a quick trip around the Conservatory with my shirt over my head :D


Let’s see if we can make some more progress in the week :D