Back in the Saddle

Yesterday, I coughed my way through 5k plus a bit of gentle weightlifting, and the difference to my general demeanour was immeasurable. It isn’t just the endorphins, I now realise, but the creativity that results from time on the treadmill with music as a backdrop, and I’ve really missed that in the last week. Ironically yesterday it wasn’t the current WiP that filled my mind but the project I turned down to write this, but I’m back on that train this morning. More importantly the Playlist that’s been the accompaniment to this story for quite some time now is getting an overhaul, as story changes and evolves over time. I’ve removed a couple of songs and added another, and [gasp] I’m importing music onto my Mac for the first time in a while, refusing to use it from the Cloud.

I just don’t trust remote backups. I never have and never will. If it’s not on my portable hard drive? I’m not interested.


As my story adapts, so does the soundtrack, and I have the first song for XY in my head as a result of how music works now works with words in my head. It is an odd process and I’m really happy with the means by which the two marry themselves together. It gives me internal visuals which I can then describe and transcribe to the page. This has become a vital part of my journey. However most importantly of all, it allows me to keep getting fitter whilst not compromising on the written word. I have the means to both work and exercise simultaneously, and the results thus far have been beyond expectations.

In fact, to keep working, I’ll be off down the Gym right now :D