Every Kind of People

It is decided: #50Kin50Days restarts tomorrow. Where I can I will walk to and from the Gym, and it was only today that I noticed that the bridge across the main road I used to enjoy climbing up and down has vanished (they’re digging up the road around the junction and presumably needed the space for construction.) I’m now wondering if it will be back or not, but I have until late February to wait. Today is the most Wintery day we’ve had so far: grey, dark and a persistent drizzle that makes everything wet and slippery. No matter, I did both ways and a 2k jog/run before an hour of weights. I should be back to Cardio next week too, which is great, meaning it’s been only three weeks to get myself back to fitness, which is undoubtedly some kind of personal record.


This week is mental, what with it being the one before my fundraising 12 hours on Saturday and last posting days and Xmas generally. I should get everything done, I hope. I’ve got a far better chance to do that if I stop writing here and start actually doing stuff so…