Did It Again

#50Kin50Days, Day One: 1k. Didn’t break any records, but wasn’t trying, but by the end of the six and a bit kilometres I completed I was running at my ‘normal’ PB time, and my body was not screaming at me to stop PLEASE I CANNAE TAKE IT. In fact, both glutes and calves are impressively sanguine at the amount asked of them this morning. For the first time since records began I’ve gone down in weight on successive Fridays too, which may yet trigger a national holiday.

There was a bloke in the car park of the Gym wearing a ‘SPECTRE’ Stunt team hoodie, and part of me really wants to believe that he was genuinely a stuntman and briefly I was within touching distance of someone who was in touching distance of La Craig. That meant that it had to be Bond tunes for the workout, and actually these worked surprisingly well as backdrop. YES SOMETIMES I pretend to be a secret agent too. I make no bones about this.

This morning was all about just starting the way I mean to go on, which I did. If the next 49 days are like this, I’m golden. Piece of piss.

MARKS OUT OF 10: Nine for gym outfit co-ordination (black and purple represent) and a solid Eight for starting the way I mean to go on. I am proud of myself today. I did gud.


In Other News, I have a lot of planning and organisation to do going forwards, not simply for the New Year but beyond. After my 12 hour GIF-a-Thon tomorrow, I’m hoping to spend Sunday re-arranging my workspace in preparation for 2017’s ‘Attack of the Werds’ when I actually make this place fit for purpose. I want a list of Things to Do that won’t break me, that’s realistic and attainable, and that includes exercise front and centre. Then there are other things I’d like to try and expand on, if I can find space in the schedule to accommodate them.

For now, an awful lot of stuff needs to be sorted, and I really need to get my arse in gear.