Station to Station

Yesterday, for twelve hours, I did something totally nonsensical to raise money for a charity very close to my heart. By the end of the day I’d made three times the amount I set out to. However, I don’t think I came anywhere close to succeeding at my task, and that’s got a lot to do with my own expectations of the World around me. The fact that if I’d webstreamed for twelve hours and had breasts exposed I’d have probably managed ten times that is neither here nor there. The fact I’d planned for weeks is largely irrelevant. What I learnt yesterday is that when all is said and done, my Twitter has irrevocably changed in the last twelve months.


I was competing with a lot of different events and traffic yesterday, but I didn’t advertise well enough, I didn’t get the word out in the right places, and lots of people now are very loathed to give cash to random people on the Internet. Most importantly, all my subtlety and planning was completely pointless, I could have just posted Cat .gifs for 12 hours and would probably have gotten far more views. Nobody saw the stories I’d tried to tell. No-one really knew how they should react, and I got one request in the entire 12 hours. All in all, I did great on the planning, but totally failed on execution and information dissemination. If I’d have done a bike ride it would have been easier for people to ‘see’ an achievement that was worth sponsoring. The Internet is not the way to generate donations like this.

I have learnt a salutatory lesson going forward.


However, I got to design some STONKING artwork (yes it was all fucking fantastic, thank you for saying so) and even if nobody really bought into my fantasy, I utterly loved doing it. In that regard, yesterday was an unmitigated success story. I had a fabulous time, and what nobody saw behind the screen was that I was exercising between bouts at the computer, because now I’ve learnt the value of not staying stationary for too long. Once upon a time I would have sat for hours without a thought… well, not any more.


When all is said and done? It’s £310 that Mind would never have had to begin with. The page will stay open until Monday morning, if you now feel the urge to donate?


Next time I’ll be doing things differently (no breasts included), and there will be a better final total. Oh yes.

PS: THANK YOU to the twelve people who gave cash: /points YOU DA REAL MVP.

One thought on “Station to Station

  1. People that care will always donate if they can. If they know it is a cause that has a great meaning to someone they will. I wish I had millions of dollars that I could put to charities, to help out people struggling, people at the point in their lives that their last hope is to ask strangers for help. I don’t. But I wish I could. I did make a donation awhile back. I wish it could have been more.

    I think a great many people may have become a bit more adverse to the constant flow of causes. I recall on my timeline seeing all the notable WoW Twitter celebs with 24 hours streams, those holding events, there were so many. Then there were the people in dire need, the web sites looking for funding. It is a bit overwhelming and disheartening trying to decide who to help. You set a modest goal and tripled it. I say good for you.

    And I hope there is a blog post with the entire gif story. And thank you for taking time to raise money for a good cause.


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