The Edge of Heaven

Christmas has come and gone, and I’ve already broken in the new Fitbit Blaze at the gym this morning. It was less of a stress than I thought, probably because on Christmas Day I dragged the family out to walk. That meant I did do 2k yesterday, but not *technically* as a run so I will count that as rest and made sure I did extra this morning. I’m cautiously optimistic that I can keep up the exercise throughout January, at this level, and think about making some headway into serious weight loss. I also have a new Sony digital camera, and fully intend to go take pictures of stuff, perhaps every day if I can manage it. I’m cautious about committing myself to anything at this stage, and if I can do it without it becoming a big deal? So much the better. 


Today, I started the way I mean to go on. I’ve unsubscribed from over two hundred email lists. This includes online shopping, lifestyle newsletters, crappy shit I never remember signing up for but someone sold my information on, and Loot Crate. That company has lost my subscription this year purely and simply on the strength of the most aggressive and depressing sales campaign I’ve ever seen. There’s only so much useless crap someone’s prepared to pay for, and one box enough was enough, but they’d keep trying to sell me more, and more by e-mail and eventually, I had enough. Unsubbing is the best thing I’ve done for a long time, not just to save cash. It kick-started my desire to remove from my mailbox anything that is useless and pointless. So, I suppose I should thank them for making me so fucked off I went and sorted everything out.


Now I’m trawling through months of useless mail deleting message after message with an almost evangelical zeal. I’m even filing stuff in folders. It will be fantastic to not have to wade through dozens of messages I have no interest in. Once that’s done I have my last calorie packed meal of the season and after that we can go straight to healthy shizzle right the way until 2017 and beyond. Another one of my unofficial 2017 goals is to try and learn to cook without the whole process freaking the fuck out of me, and being able to cook my own healthy meals is pretty much a requirement going forward.

Let’s see how much of this I can manage going forward.